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About Us

Who we are

Nature’s Touch was founded in 1999 in E. Setauket NY. We were the first hair removal spa in the Three Village area to offer all-natural hair removal services. We offer two remarkable products that are both 100% natural and water soluble. The first product is an easily applicable all-natural sugar-based hair remover. The product is applied warm, not hot. The sugar does not stick to the skin, but rather to the individual hair follicles. It replenishes and moisturizes skin and does not cause wrinkling like many wax-based products on the market. The second product we offer works in much the same way only with a pine resin added. The pine resin is extremely effective in removing even the most stubborn short hairs that most waxed-based products leave behind. Finally, pine resin also aids in eliminating ingrown hairs while the wonderful aroma of citrus is left behind.

Our estetechian specializes in waxing threading, sugaring, and laser hair removal



       Certified Estetichian (2008-Present)


Results & Recovery


All products and most procedures utilized by natures touch are completely natural and organic. We insure every procedure provides maximum results and the least amount of recovery time. Please feel free to log into our contact page and message us with any questions or comments you may have.





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